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estaciones de musica pop

Pandora: Breaking Pandora's Heart...
he gastado miles de dolares en mi coleccion de musica . y ahora me tratan asi. basta. ... Mis estaciones estaban cada d_ mejor ... las canciones eran justo las ...

HispanicTips " 2007 " October " 25
... es todo un xito y suena en las principales estaciones de msica pop del pas. ... su tercer lbum Fantasa Pop , que recin alcanz Disco de Oro por altas ventas. ...

Nina Kinert - Huge Mp3 Archive - 2,61 Million Free and Legal Music Tracks.
In Control Reloaded. Pimpinela. Estaciones /Valiente. Genghis Tron ... musica , mp3 , mp3 , baixar mp3 msica , descargar mp3 msica , mp3 ...
... fue programado por ms de 300 estaciones de radio, generando fuertes ventas ... la Buena msica no conoce de fronteras ni idiomas," Dice Fernandez. ...

TCL Special Order Imports Artists OO-OT EXCLUDING OST.HTML

Hario no kai ()
... cadenas: curiosamente son casi todos personajes reales del mundillo de la msica ... Tenemos por ejemplo a Iggy Pop como locutor de "Liberty Rock Radio" o la ...

Espectaculos: Anuncian concierto de Belanova en el Valle | belanova ...
Fantasia Pop vendi en Mxico 50 mil copias en slo tres das despus de salir ... que dur tres semanas en el primer lugar en las estaciones de radio de Mxico. ...

Metro Arts and Architecture - Metro Bits -
Designs range from 1960s Minimalist style and colourful 1970s Pop Art design to Postmodernism. ... .com]: Casa da Musica station. More Oporto photos...

RMTEE: Ricky Martin - The European Experience - Caras January
Todo eso es parte de mi vida, y es gracias a mi musica y mis letras que puedo ... estaba "La camisa negra" de Juanes en las estaciones pop ,y eso me encanta, ...

Miami International Press Club: Links
WRLZ 1270 - estaciones hispana. ... musica y programas de entrevistas diariamente. WRMF 97.9 - pop music. WROO 107.3 - Rooster Country 107. WRTO 98.3 - musica ...

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HAARP Review

Muse is a three-piece band from the UK that plays rock music for future generations. They incorporate synth, distorted guitars, amazing bass lines and powerful drums to create music about this world and the worlds beyond this one. The band has previously released many albums and a live DVD. This second live DVD, called HAARP, includes a live CD of the performance at Wembley Stadium, and also features many of the band's instantly recognized songs, including "Starlight," "Knights of Cydonia," "Hysteria," "Supermassive Black Hole," and more!

This product offers a live concert in both audio and video form with both a CD and DVD recording of their live set at a packed Wembley Stadium from two sold-out performances in June 2007.. The quality is excellent in both audio and visual aspects. There are a few visual affects that enhance the performance, and at times you can hear the crowd singing along to the songs.

One of the great aspects of HAARP is that it showcases the range of the band's music and the powerful performances they are known to give. Fans of classical, metal, rock, pop, synth, dance and more will love this band and this DVD/CD set! Muse incorporates many types of music into their own style. They blend classical styles with very modern sounds and a touch of futuristic themes exist in the band's music, as well.

The quality of performance this band puts on is well-captured on this DVD & CD set. I had the pleasure of witnessing a live performance by Muse three years ago, and HAARP captures their live magic perfectly!

After purchasing this set myself, I've been listening to it over and over again! Those around me may soon tire of having this play on repeat, but I know I won't! That isn't to say HAARP has no downfalls. There is a lack of special features on the DVD, plus a few songs from the performance didn't make it to the final product. Still, it's worth the buy.

Muse has a tendency to make their audience feel magical, revolutionary and powerful, as only the music of this band can make you feel.

I believe any fan of the band will fall in love with this and also fans of music in general will appreciate it on many levels. It's also easy to see why Muse is so often called the best live act of our time. Not only do two sold out nights at Wembley Stadium attest to that claim, but the quality of the performance and the love of their fans also prove the claim to be quite true.

Tonia Jordan is an author on http://www.Writing.Com/ which is a site for Writers.

Her portfolio can be found at http://www.Writing.Com/authors/spidergirl so stop by and read for a while.

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Telephone Audio, Getting the Most from IVR and On Hold Marketing

IVR is short for Interactive Voice Response, an automated system that uses a touch response telephone to direct your call. You will have one of these if you have multiple departments with lots of incoming calls.

60% of callers put on a silent on-hold hang up within 40 seconds and callers put on-hold with information and music will stay about 3 minutes longer.

55% of communication is lost over the phone (body language), leaving us with 38% through tone of voice and just 7% through words.

As you can see from the statistics, giving the wrong message in the wrong tone could actually damage your sales and your reputation.

Many companies spend time and money on their visual branding (logo and leaflets) but neglect their telephone audio. "Your sonic branding is as important as your visual branding!"

This article looks at some of the common mistakes made with IVR and on-hold marketing. It also outlines some good techniques to use.

You Rang!

It is best to have just a few options on your telephone system. People lose interest quickly so listing every department is not always a good idea. Think about it from the customers' point of view, what will they be calling your company for? To buy products? Information? To make a complaint?

It is recommended that you keep it to 3 or 4 salient options max if you can. If you think that you need 7 or 8 options, be ruthless; cut it down to the 3 or 4 relevant points. You can always have the 4th option to cover all other enquires.

Remember, the purpose of telephone options is to get the potential client through to the most relevant operator as quickly as possible. Failing that, you need to get them to remain on hold until you are able to deal with their call.

"Thank you for calling ABC, for sales please press 1 - for product information press 2 - for all other enquiries press 3."

Make it simple and friendly and always use a professional voice-over. People relate to it better and psychologically, it is more accepted and expected by the caller. Your company will sound established and efficient and will instantly inspire confidence. You can always tell when a member of the office records the IVR options, you know, the one with the best telephone voice!

Think about the type of voice-over you want to use... What image do you want your company to portray in the mind of the listener? What is your target market?

Using a voice-over style that will connect with your caller is important. You don't want a mature corporate voice if your company is aimed at 18-25 year olds, and likewise, you don't want a young radio type voice if your are a firm of lawyers.

On-hold Now

Being on hold can be annoying, however, you can entertain and use this time to educate your caller. A silent on-hold is extremely cold and callers hang up much sooner than when they have something to occupy them.


Music can alleviate boredom, however, make sure your music is properly licensed for use on a telephone system otherwise you could face a copyright infringement charge.

Also, do select the music carefully. Not everybody has your taste in music...for example, a banging hip-hop track may alienate some of your callers. It is usually best to go for music that is easy on the ear or relaxing. Original music is a good choice for telephone use as the caller has no preconceptions about the piece - they just accept it as music.

As with the voice, it is also advisable to pick music that is relevant to the company image you want to portray. It is acceptable for a nightclub to use a pumping dance track, but clearly this would be wrong for an accountant's office.

It is good practice to thank the caller for holding, but do not do it every 5 seconds! Many on hold systems work on a continuous loop. I suggest having your thank you' message at the beginning and in the middle of the loop. Intervals of 20-30 seconds don't disrupt the music too much but remind your caller that you care.

Entertain, educate and sell!

Don't waste the opportunity you have when a caller is on hold. You have a captive audience. You have a great opportunity to keep them occupied and educate them about your services.

It is best not to blatantly advertise, or to cram as many ads in as possible. A more subtle approach is far less intrusive and more appreciated by the caller. On-hold marketing should use voice and music combined. They are both important elements so let any adverts breath; make sure there is music on either side of them to break things up.

When it comes to writing a telephone advert, make it short and to the point. I am not and advertising expert, however, making it engaging and entertaining can really count.

Simple stuff can work best i.e.

"Thank you for holding, did you know ABC limited sells more widgets in the UK than any other company, and can price match any quote."

"This Autumn we have great savings on widgets, ask your operator for details".

You get the idea, short sentences, no hard sell and let people hear the music before and after the voice, this is when they will take in and process the information.

I have written this article based on my experience of putting telephone audio packages together for clients and have much experience in this area. I have a limited knowledge about hardware but I advise that you always test any newly installed audio.

Phone your company as a client to check that it all works. Is the volume right? Is it clear? Are there anomalies in the system that causes delays or the first split second to be cut off? There is nothing worst than hearing your perfectly produced audio file being butchered by incorrectly configured hardware. Your callers will notice it but say nothing about it. Not to you anyway!

I hope this article has given you food for thought!

Lee Pritchard is a composer and sound engineer who has had a life long passion for music; composing it, playing it, producing it and being around others who are involved in it.

He is the founder of, a website providing 100% Royalty Free music, custom music services, audio editing, sound design , music consultancy , a telephone voice-over and music service and Podcast Production.

He can also be contacted through his blog

Media Music Now also provide a Telephone Audio Service

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latin percussion instrument

Department of Foreign Languages, Salem State College: Jon Aske
... 1950's which is played with Afro- Latin rhythms and percussion . ... Latin compact discs, videos, books, instructional material and percussion instruments " ...

Latin - Top Percussion Tito Puente / 0
Home " CDs " Jazz Instrument " Latin . DVDs. Hi-Def. CDs. New Releases. Upcoming Releases ... Latin . Organ. Percussion . Piano. Reed. Saxophone. Soprano Sax ...

Yahoo! Canada Directory > Drums and Percussion > Retailers
Lone Star Percussion - Retailer of instruments , accessories, and supplies. ... percussion shop offering repairs, parts, latin and orchestral percussion , books, ...

Damon Grant - professional percussionist
Damon Grant performs jazz compositions on vibraphone, marimba and other percussion instruments with Afro-Caribbean flair in his own group, The Damon Grant Project. ...

DRUMS / PERCUSSION . KEYBOARD. STRINGED INSTRUMENTS . WINDS / BRASS. DIGIDESIGN ... Latin Percussion Latin Percusion LP Music Founder Martin Cohen congas compact ...

Bienvenue, les instruments de percussion Moperc
moperc, handcrafted hight quality afro cuban and west african drums. ... Site Navigation. Michel Ouellet. Michel et Orlando Mengual. LUC BOIVIN AT BELLE & BUM ...

... Samba Room, a Cuban bar and Latin cafe located in Dallas' trend-setting Travis ... in his Austin home with little more than a pair of percussion instruments , ...

Bev's Drums & Percussion - Latin , Afro-Cuban, World
Find New & Used Latin , Afro-Cuban, World, Drums, Percussion , Musical Instruments , on Bev's Drums & Percussion ... LATIN PERCUSSION WOOD BONGOS project. US ...

Music Manipulatives
Percussion Sticks: These red drum sticks are great to use on any percussion instrument . ... Maracas: Shake these around to create a Latin rhythm. ...

Productpilot - Business Matching for Buyers and Suppliers worldwide
Productpilot is the new cross-industry Business Matching Portal of ... Music, Instruments & Media >> Percussion Instruments >> Latin Percussion Instruments ...

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All You Can Hear - Different Ringtone Genres

It may come as a surprise for people who are not very involved in personalizing their mobile phones that choosing a ringtone can be a very tiresome and confusing task. Why? Because of the sheer amount of choices that a mobile phone user has to wade through in order to get the ringtone that he wants.

First of all, he has to consider what type of ringtone he wants to use. Does he want the old school monotone ringtone that was made popular by the early Nokia mobile phones? These are the ringtones that play melodies one note after the other. He may also choose a polyphonic ringtone, which is a more melodic choice compared to the drab monotone ringtone. Of course, if his mobile phone is capable of supporting it (which most new models can) he can opt to use music ringtones, which are actual pre-recorded pieces of the actual music. This is the best available ringtone type out there and is the acknowledged favorite, especially among people who really love music.

Having gone through the ringtone types, the choice just gets wider. There are so many companies online that are specializing in bringing ringtones to your mobile phone that each one would offer unique ringtones that would catch the attention of consumers and hopefully entice them to buy the ringtone. But aside from the many companies out there, a mobile phone user has to choose from so many available genres of ringtones available, especially those for music ringtones. The choices are so varied and so many that one would be hard pressed to choose which ones a mobile phone user would like to install on his phone as a ringtone.

Some of the most popular ringtone genres are:

Funny ringtones - These are ringtones with an obvious comedy bent. These could be hilarious one liners, missives or dialogues. It is not uncommon to hear funny ringtones that try to parody certain scenes in famous movies or TV shows or maybe even funny sounds.

Bollywood ringtones - These ringtones are all about the magic that is brought by Indian films. Indian films are a strange and wonderful film genre. The formula that Indian films follow are quite different. Whether it be drama, comedy or even action, a movie will not be complete without song and dance numbers. Most Indians believe that a movie without this element makes it incomplete. These fun-filled Bollywood songs are now considered as great ringtones because it exudes the tongue-in-cheek fun and bombastic romp of those crazy Indian films.

Music ringtones - Music is by far the most popular ringtone genre that mobile phone users prefer. Every single person has a particular song or type of music that he loves and these preferences can act as great ringtones. Of course, music ringtones have as many genres as there are different types of music out there. Whether you like pop, rock, reggae, or even classical,, there most likely be a ringtone that you can download or buy online. Based on a recent study, the most popular genre that mobile phone users choose as ringtones are music in the rap/hip hop category.

Philip Nicosia is the webmaster of GetMeRingtones, a site specialising in the different genres of ringtones, including polyphonic ringtones, and MP3 ringtones.

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A Modern Singing Approach Used by Super Stars

Welcome to the world of new melody, the speech level singing! If it sounds alien music to you, this article will give you full music to your ears and yes, it will also advice you why a singer should follow this new trend.

It is a singing technique that is proud to have followers like Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez among others. The best thing about speech level singing is it makes singing more enjoyable. Generating tones applying speech level singing is easy, just as the way you speak, without any discomfort and voice strain that is normally connected with singing exercises.

Between your head voice and chest voice, there is something that is referred as mix voice in speech level singing. When the resonance goes behind your soft palate, it splits between the head and the mouth. This mixture of both the head and the chest voices is now known as mixed voice.

The larynx, your voice box, has two different muscles sets--inner and outer. Mostly new singers wrongly utilize their outer larynx muscles so that they are able to control their voice that makes the vocal chords even more tensed. As a result it creates discomfort instead of improving your singing voice.

If you are singing with such a tension that it moves your Adams Apple, it will cause you bad sore throats. Moreover, this tension in the vocal chords will worsen your singing only. On the other hand, speech level singing can be very effective without causing you much discomfort.

Speech level singing serves the purpose by training these inner larynx muscles and not your outer larynx muscles. The inner larynx muscles can control the vocal chords in a much better way; as a result the larynx can stay in one particular position, just as it does while you talk. Moreover, when larynx adjusts your vocal chords, you will sing more easily without putting excess strain to your voice.

Another advantage of training these inner larynx muscles in order to stay still is it helps regulating your breathing and resonance automatically. Many singing coaches also advocate these vocal breathing techniques for that purpose, but without any success as they employ outer larynx muscles instead of utilizing their inner larynx muscles.

Finally, an advice for budding singers (for shower singers as well), if you wish to have better singing skills, you must consider exercising of your inner larynx muscles, not your outer larynx muscles.

Practicing that way, you can kill all the birds with a single shot-- you will improve your breathing and resonance; feel more comfortable while singing; and as a result, the span of your vocal chords, vocal power and tone will also improve.

It takes lot of time, patience and practice though the results are very fascinating. No pain, no gain! You see.

So, budding singers! Why don't you try these speech level singing tips?

Find out why we should use speech level singing approach at Singorama Singing Lessons and Courses.

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Music Marketing - How to Rectify The Two Most Common Mistakes Everyone Makes

Music marketing is by and large difficult for most artists, that is something we need to realise. Marketing yourself, being confident to allow people to listen to your tracks and most importantly, handling criticism takes a bit of time to get used to. In the majority of cases though, marketing plans do fail. you may have a great sounding track, but if it is not marketed properly then it will just be white noise.

However all is not lost.

The main reasons why music marketing fails is that 1) there is always some money involved, and 2) we market our music.

They all sound a bit strange I know, but my plan is for you to get over these hurdles and to get your music out there without any hassle. I will take each of the above points in turn, but remember they are interlinked:

    1) Money marketing. This is bad. The economics of this is so: you have to sell slot of tracks to get back the amount you spent on marketing, then you need to sell a few more to make any profit. The problems is, why are we spending so much money on music marketing, or, why are we spending any money on marketing at all?! The Internet has greatly reduced the cost of marketing by 100%. Yep, marketing should be free, then any tracks that you do sell is pure profit. There are so many music marketing strategies, some of which are simple ideas that are not being utilised.

Here are some fantastic free marketing strategies are not being used, at all. How about leaflet distribution, flyers, making a mailing list then advertising your new tracks on that (they already like your tracks because they have signed upto your mailing list). Applying to competitions will always bring in some much needed traffic as competitions generate 1) leads and interest from the host site, 2) your tracks will get viral marketed especially if it has become in the top 3. Viral marketing is just another way of spreading interest, all the people who voted for your tracks will recommend the great track that they heard, and you name spreads. 3) You can always advertise the fact that you got in first, second or third in X competition (always state how many other competitors were there as well- coming third out of four entries is nothing to promote really).

Surely the ultimate advertising strategy is...give away your MP3s for FREE! A simple technique that promotes your tracks. People then trust you, they love quality items, they assume then, "hmm, if this is free, and it's good, what would his selling tracks be like?" Free stuff sells pay goods, fact. Give away alot of free stuff...MP3s being the main one, and then be patient.

Once you have finished your free marketing, start again. Just keep on promoting yourself by free processes. It gets your name banded around, people will see your Webpage link and click on it increasing your traffic. It might not too successful in the first few months or maybe even a year, but stick with it, gaining visitor confidence will ultimately prevail.

    2) The above is great, but why would anyone buy any track from you in the first place? To most surfers you are faceless, they don't see you on the music videos, so why should they buy anything from you?

Harsh words I know, I'm sorry, but it is true. That is the real reason why there are thousands of good groups and artists out there in Internet land marketing away, spending cash and showing nothing for it. They marketed first, wanting cash, and their visitors are literally saying "I don't think so". You then become the banner ad- looks really good, but never gets the click.

What you need to do is create content within your site. Simple as that. Without content you are just another site that the visitor has no real reason to come back to. Content also increases the chances of you being picked up by the search engines. Please note:Google, and the other big search engines have stated that their thousands of calculations per site includes content search. This is a fundamental statement, even if you are a music site giving away your MP3s.

If you have ever looked for MP3s within the search engines, there are about 6 million sites dedicated to the term MP3. Now, your one site has to be found by a visitor, the chances are very low. However, if your site has content focused keywords, such as "good guitar riffs", "how to gig" etc, then you will be picked up much easily than a simple MP3 search. Within the various pages that you have created you put, "download free guitar MP3s" or something that suits your music, and you then advertise your MP3s through the "back door". Content will also bring back the visitors, they love a site that they are interested in, they sign up to your news-letter, and then you email them with new updates, your new MP3s etc. Then you start to create your own little buzz, you create people willing to listen to your tracks.

A sideline to content is always relevant, up-to-date content. Offering tapes with your tracks on is music marketing suicide. I have seen these actually being offered on some websites. Offering a tape states that 1. You are not up-to-date hence your sounds won't be, 2. You are offering poor quality, hence your tracks won't shine, and 3. You have to pay out for the tape (postage and packaging etc). People on the Internet want things now, not tomorrow, offering MP3s, even short WAV files is giving the visitor what they want- immediate access to your tracks.

Relevant content is just as important as current content. If you have a rock website stick to rock related web pages. If I was into hip-hop I wouldn't go onto your rock site and look at hip-hop related articles. Obvious I know, but scarily this has been done. It also has another effect. The search engines see topic specific sites as just that, topic specific. If you stray away from your chosen topic it will not look good for you with the engines. They will see that your relevance has reduced and so to will your page ranking.

Content is not that easy to accomplish. It comes with time, you need to tweak, track whether that has done any good to your traffic or click throughs. You could also just be writing alot of drivel. Content needs to be "Search Engine Focused", you need to honestly persuade people to buy from you, you need to have a one to one style (like you are talking to a friend), and definitely not be boring. Nearly forgot, you need to assess who your audience is. Are they young, middle aged, technophobic? You writing style should cater for your audience. For example, a younger audience will like more colour, more tech information, a friendly banter, and up-to-date chart acts. Generally if you write as you would talk to a friend then you will be on safe lines.

Dominic Hough has made music for over 18 years. On his site he has proved that you can make, and market your own techno songs for free. His site also covers sampling, MP3s, loops and much more.

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